Mariano Cinat Resume

347 607 8500

Awards and Grants:

2014 Second Prize "People's Choice" at Spectrum,Art Basel, Miami

2014 Special Mention Award at Second Biennale,Buenos Aires, Argentina

2014 First Prize Trinacria Modern and Contemporary Museum,Palermo,Italy

2009 Association of Hispanic Arts Grant

2004 Second Prize for the First Annual Independence Art Show, Buenos Aires Argentina

2004 Honorable Mention XIV Salo Internacional D’ Arts Plastiques, Barcelona, Spain



2014 “Effetto Arte Magazine”, Sicily, Italy

2004 "Libro de Arte Euroamericano", Book fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2003 "Enciclopedia Contemporanea Iberoamericana " QCC University of New York, N.Y.

2001 "Arte Argentino Actual" Ediciones Institucionales, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires


Upcoming Exhibitions:

2019 Art Basel Miami Aqua, Miami, Florida

Solo Exhibitions (Selected) and Set Designs

2016 Consulate General of Argentina, New York, New York

2014 Saint Peter’s Church, New York, New York

2012 Consulate General of Argentina in New York, New York

2011 The Poet's Den, New York, New York

2010 South Hampton Cultural Center, South Hampton, New York

2010 Manhattan Repertory Theatre, New York, New York

2009 Brainpower Charity Event, New York, New York

2008 Charter Oak Cultural Center, Hartford, Connecticut

2005 Aichi International Expo, Nagoya, Japan

2003 Elemental Art Gallery, El Segundo, California

2001 Bergamot Station Art Complex, Santa Monica, California

2000 Special Event with Julio Bocca at Alex Theater, Glendale, California


Group Exhibitions (Selected):

2018 Art Basel Miami Aqua, Miami, Florida

2018 ArtHelix Gallery, New York, New York

2018 Perve Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal

2018 ArtHelix Gallery, New York,New York

2017 Queens Museum, New York, New York

2017 ArtHelix Gallery, Bushwick, New York

2016 Saigo No Chansu Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2015 Spectrum, Art Basel, Miami

2014 Spectrum, Art Basel, Miami

2014 Buenos Aires Biennale, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2014 Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Palermo, Italy

2013 Selected Participant of Salon du Louvre, Paris, France

2012 First International Peace and Art Festival in China, Linzhou, China

2012 Artists wanted Competition " Art Takes Times Square", New York, New York

2011 Affordable Arte Fair, New York ,New York

2009 Embassy of Argentina in Canada, Ottawa, Canada

2009 Consulate General of Argentina in New York and Sotheby's Charity Event, New York, NY

2008 Centro Cultural Simón Bolívar, Montreal, Canada

2008 Osaka City Central Public Hall, Osaka, Japan

2007 Rueil-Malmaison - Paris, France

2007 Asto Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California

2007 Fundacion Patagonia, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2007 Gwanghwamoon International Biennale, Seoul, Korea

2006 World Fine Art Gallery, Manhattan, New York

2006 Museum of Russia's Political History, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2006 New Century Artists, Manhattan, New York

2006 Global Art Movement, London, England

2006 Juried group exhibition at Boxheart Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2006 Gwanghwamoon International Art Festival, Seoul, Korea

2005 Cercle de Belles Arts de Lleida,Lleida,Spain

2005 Paramount Pictures, Hollywood, California

2005 Boernicke Castle, Berlin, Germany

2005 Rumania Embassy, Rome, Italy

2005 Nagoya International Center, Nagoya, Japan

2004 Asto Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2004 Museum of the Americas, Miami, Florida

2004 Kidang Museum, Jeju Island, Korea

2004 Contemporary Argentine Art Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2004 Elkin Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2004 Museum of the Americas, Miami, Florida

2004 ACEA’S Gallery XIV Salo International D’ Arts Plastiques, Barcelona, Spain

2004 Biennale of Art at Caltech. University, Pasadena, California

2003 BCN Art Directe, Barcelona, Spain

2003 Don O’ Melveny Art Gallery, Beverly Hills, California

2003 Manhattan Art Center, Manhattan Beach, California

2003 Metropolitan Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2003 Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, Illinois

2003 Vire-Vent Art Gallery Paris, France

2002 Special Event of Argentine Art at the Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, CA

2002 Art gallery Santa Chiara, Naples, Italy

2001 Panel and exhibition at MoLAA, Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, California

"Winding hallways, mysterious darkened amphitheaters, and stairways shaded in light and darkness characterize Mariano Cinat's oblique, engaging canvasses. Here anonymous individuals search for enlightenment and march to punishments for crimes unknown before a netherworld of judges. With religious solemnity seers convene in conference to discuss the metaphysics of the soul, degrees of warm oranges at play to distinguish the level of their passion. Cinat uses contrasts in shadow and light to rich effect, the resulting tales suggestive of the subconscious. These arenas recall nightmarish tableaus of El Greco, yet with a subtlety and ambiguity more indicative of the mystery of cathedrals."

                        Douglas Singleton, Critic