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March 9, 2016 - Ximena Hidalgo-Ayala

Impacto New York-Arte y Cultura

Brooklyn y es muy conocido en los círculos culturales neoyorquinos, en los cuales se destaca por su originalidad y carisma - Read More Here

New York - Feb  29th, 2016

Exhibition Mariano Cinat- Viceversamag: A major exhibition of renowned Argentine artist Mariano Cinat entitled Menace , opened the gallery Consulate General of Argentina on Thursday. CINAT has presented his works in solo and group exhibitions not only in Argentina, country of origin and in the United States, READ MORE HERE (Espanol)

Wed Sep 3, 2014 

New York - Argentinian Artist Mariano Cinat at The Narthex Gallery

Mariano Cinat's latest works reveal a clandestine place of imagination where quiet whispers hauntingly echo ancient and near forgotten desires of the soul  READ MORE HERE 

Architectural Business - Modern Day Masters

October 2013......He says that people see the fun part of his work, and he loves what he does. However he says people don’t see the difficult part of the work. He did a recent exhibition with a Japanese artist who didn’t speak English. He says this was extremely challenging but in the end it was the choice of colors and the language of art itself which transcended the language barrier  Read more here

New York Oct. 20, 2013 

CATM New York Surfaces at the Louvre

Just shy of the anniversary of infamous Sandy's disastrous torrent, CATM announces its reemergence into the international art world with artists Yasuto Sasada, Mariano Cinat and Dirk Janssens  Read more here

New York - January 14, 2011 

Argentines in New York

Claudio Ivan Remeseira - La Nacion

They are a small minority among Latin Americans living in the Big Apple, but stand out for their creativity and highlight positions in cultural institution.  In the city of New York they live around 14,000 Argentines, according to official data. This figure represents just 0.6 percent of the Hispanic population and even more meager 0.17 percent of the total population of the city. Adding New Jersey and New England states (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine), we are about 25,000 total. But the proportion of compatriots who occupy prominent positions within the cultural world of the Big Apple is significantly greater than these numbers suggest  READ MORE HERE  (Espanol)

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