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Mariano Cinat was born in Buenos Aires, where he grew up inspired by the artists around him. At the age of 14 he began working with renown art critic Rosa Faccaro, who also invited him to participate in his first art exhibition. He began his art education at Manuel Belgrano National School and then, in the United States at Santa Monica College. He then received a Master’s degree from the New York Academy of Arts. Over the last 20 years Mariano has exhibited in art galleries, art fairs and museums in New York and internationally included Buenos Aires Metropolitan Museum, Latin American Art Museum, Florida, and Long Beach, Museum of the Americas Miami, Museo del Barrio New York, Kidang Museum South Korea, Museum of Political History Saint Petersburg, Russia, Museum of Contemporary Art Palermo, Italy, Asto Museum Los Angeles, and the Queens Museum New York. Last year he participated for the first time at ArteBA 2022 along with international renowned musician and artist Charly Garcia. Mariano also received international awards including 1st prize Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Italy), Second Prize People’s Choice at Art Basel Miami Spectrum, Special Mention award at the Buenos Aires Biennial, and several others. Mariano’s artwork has been published in several art books, encyclopedias and art magazines. As a curator, partnering with international curator Maria Elena Benfeito, he put together exhibitions at Art Fair at the Louvre Museum, Art Basel Miami Spectrum and Aqua, and the Buenos Aires Biennale. He has exhibited and curated artists in Washington DC, Miami and New York City in partnership with Peter Hopkins. Throughout his time in Los Angeles and New York, Mariano also organized several charity events, auctions for nonprofit organization including Para Los Ninos which encourages literacy for underserved communities. In New York Mariano organized and curated events for nonprofits like BrainPower (helping LGTBQ homeless youth), Habitat for Humanity,Sensi6 (an event in conjunction with the Argentine Consulate) which assists ;at-risk children in Argentinian Jewish communities. Using his own art, Mariano participated in silent auctions organized by New York Academy of Art and Sotheby’s New York.



I'd like to show my artworks and to organize exhibitions with other artists around the world in art fairs, art galleries and Biennales

Vision  Networking....

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